Immigration to Canada can be quite intimidating for you and your family. But Canada has open-heartedly welcomed thousands of migrants over the years. The target to issue permanent residency to more than a million eligible skilled workers by the year 2022 is also looking well in-sight. 

There are many immigration streams, each one with unique eligibility requirements, availability, application processing times. If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, begin by determining which programs you may be eligible. A free eligibility assessment by Canada Immigration Consultant may exactly help you find that out!

Here are three questions that you must ask a Canada Immigration Consultant to get a timely head start in your immigration journey.

  1. When is the right time to begin?

The answer lies in the fact that how good is your profile for Canada immigration. The target to welcome more than a million migrants to Canada in the next three years is surely the most ambitious yearly immigration goals ever. It surely indicates to one obvious thing that you should kick-start your plans for immigration to Canada now. We have already discussed it in detail here

  1. What are my options?

Canada Provincial Nominee Programs are introducing major changes, Immigration streams are constantly being re-innovated to make Canada immigration for overseas migrants more accessible, more relevant and quicker. 

Having a professional consultant alongside you will help you determine which provinces, programs, and streams are in the best position to invite newcomers like yourselves. Get an expert opinion to inform your planning from lawyers with 18 years of experience in Canada. 

  1. How to raise my score?

Immigration to Canada is designed to augment its economy and so migrants’ productive age, work experience, education qualification, and language proficiency are taken into strict consideration. 

Seeking professional assistance like one with Canada Immigration Consultant will help you rebuild your profile, give adequate training in language proficiency, visa interviews, etc. to boost your Comprehensive Ranking System score or immigration stream-specific score.

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