Canada, one of the most beautiful places on earth is welcoming immigrants like never before and there’s nothing that could stop you from getting enthusiastic about the thought of migrating to Canada. The country has some of the kindest bunch of people in existence, breath-taking landscapes, not to mention the stunning cities and the food cuisines that keeps you on your feet every day, charged and looking for more! Since you are looking forward to move to Canada, here are some of the interesting things that you would not want to miss!

The Country Itself is Huge

To start off with, Canada is a huge country which means you have lots of places to explore and settle in Canada. Canada is the second largest country in the world, only next to Russia and covers almost ten million square kilometres on the face of the earth. Just to make it more interesting, Canada has six time zones which are more than enough to let you imagine how big the country is! Before you migrate to Canada, it is important that you get to know all the provinces, taking into consideration the geographical climate, the employment opportunities, the cost of living factor & more.,

World Class Cities

The country has some of the top best liveable countries in the world. The Economist came up with a report during the year 2017 stating that Canada has three cities ranking among the top 10 and the cities were Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary respectively. What seemed prominent in these cities were top class healthcare, environment, education, economic stability & more., Every single city in Canada would make you want to spend decades in Canada. So, be prepared for the better standard of living that you are about to be exposed to!

The Country is Culturally Diverse

Do not expect the same kind of stuff & environment in Canada you have already been in for the country has immigrants from around 200 different countries. Canada is culturally diverse with more than 20% of them from different countries and this is expected to rise up to 50% in the near future. So, immigrating to Canada means that you will be living in a country that welcomes immigrants with open arms from all corners of the world.

Healthcare Which Comes Free of Cost: –

Free Healthcare is what most of the countries envy about Canada. The government has made sure that quality healthcare is available to all of its residents by introducing a tax-funded healthcare system where the basic healthcare needs of its residents are met by the government. The system is found to be quite effective and has been providing efficient healthcare services. You being fortunate, will never have to worry about getting sick again when you are in Canada!

World Class Education

Just like every other field where the Canadians show great indulgence, education is no exception for them. The country has some of the finest universities and colleges the world has seen, making it an ideal place for international students to pursue their education. The University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta are some of the finest universities you should consider.

The National Dish & the Maple Syrup

It’s no wonder to get to know that Canada has a National Dish! The country has a lot of interesting things to be known and the National Dish is one among the many. The Canadian residents have an immense attachment to the so-called dish “Poutine” which is basically a combination of French fries with super sauce and cheese here and there. The dish was originally invented in 1957 and has been since then the most favourite side & main course dishes for the Canadians.
Getting down to the maple syrup part. The Canadians have a great liking towards the maple syrup, resulting in 70% of the world’s maple syrup production and the United States is their biggest customer. The syrup is known for the high sugar content it has and mineral concentration it has!
The above listed are just a few of the abundant irresistible stuffs that you should know before you migrate to Canada. For further information on how your life will be at Canada, the cost of living and of course, for more interesting things about Canada get in touch with our team of experts!

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