Canada, after having a long history of taking in immigrants under the various immigration programs is rightly called the favourite destination for immigration seekers, all thanks to the benefits and standard of living the Canadian government offers. As mentioned above, the Canadian government has been and is taking several measures in order to help individuals migrate to Canada. One such highly successful program is the Canadian Express Entry System which has created a significant difference in the way the applications are being processed!

What is the Express Entry System?

Before moving deeper, it should be clearly understood that the Express Entry system is not an immigration program but is an online application management system that grants both the government & the applicants a hassle-free process. The Express Entry system was brought into effect by the Canadian government on the 1st of January 2015 and was designed to manage applications falling under the below-mentioned categories:
– Federal Skilled Trades Class
– Federal Skilled Worker Class
– Canadian Experience Class
The Express Entry System has the sole purpose of managing applications of individuals who pursue their dream to immigrate to Canada from any of the above-mentioned programs. Every applicant has to go through and meet a certain set of requirements and follow certain procedures under the Express Entry System which are being mentioned below.

How the Express Entry System Works?

The Express Entry System follows a particular set of routine which allows thousands of individuals to immigrate to Canada. Below mentioned is the routine starting from how you’ll be creating an Express Entry Profile to the point where you will be receiving an Invitation to Apply.

Step 1: Finding Out If You are Eligible

This is one of the basic steps that you have to undergo before you opt to apply for an Express Entry Profile. You will be assessed based on factors like age, education, qualification, language proficiency etc., only after which you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Getting the Documents Ready

Once making sure that you are eligible, you should get yourself ready with the required documents to support your Express Entry Profile creation and submission. Below mentioned are the necessary documents that you need:
– Travel Documents & Passport
– Proof of Language Proficiency
– Education Credential Assessment
– Provincial Nomination (provided you have one from a province)
– Employment offer from a Canadian Employee. (if you have one)
– Police clearance certificate and medical exam results.
– Proof of funds to show that you can take care of yourself during your stay.

Step 3: Submission of Your Profile

Once all the above-mentioned documents are ready, you are supposed to submit your profile in the Express Entry System and your profile enters into the Express Entry Pool provided you are eligible. You will be given a relevant Comprehensive Ranking System Score (this stands as the base for Express Entry Draws) based on details provided by you like age, education, experience, language proficiency & more.,

Step 4: Receiving an Invitation to Apply

Express Entry Draws will be held at regular intervals where candidates with the specified CRS scores will receive an Invitation to Apply. If you receive an ITA in any of the Express Entry Draws, you will have to apply online within 60 days of receiving your ITA after which the further simpler process of immigration will be carried out.
Other Important Things & Facts About Express Entry System: –
– Canada is the world’s first country to invite skilled talents from the world based on a points system.
– Express Entry Candidates have the advantage of promoting themselves via the Canadian job bank and present themselves in front of employers.
– An Education Credential Assessment is quite mandatory for an applicant to apply under the Express Entry Pool (ECA should be carried out if an applicant has studied in other countries except for Canada).
– The idea of creating multiple Express Entry Profiles will only stand as a backlash to the applicant and reduce his/her chances of getting selected.
– The sweet spot CRS score that has been in existence for many years is between 350 – 450.
– Almost all the profiles with proper documentation support will be processed within a period of six months.
– The applicant has the freedom to apply for any province under the Provincial Nominee Program.
– Language Proficiency is one mandatory requirement and the applicant has to clear IELTS exams with adequate marks. Having knowledge of French is an added advantage.
– If you do not receive an ITA, it is suggested that you wait until the next round.
– All Express Entry profiles are valid for up to one year. In case you do not get selected for the entire year, you can re-apply and enter into the Express Entry pool.
The Express Entry System till date has helped over 80,000 plus individuals to immigrate to Canada and pursue their dreams which is why the system is still in existence and is helping the Canadian Government to achieve its immigration goals. Get in touch with us to know more about how the express entry system works, and in return, we can assist you with a free assessment of your eligibility to immigrate to Canada!

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