To work & settle in Canada is a dream of millions and Canada through its liberal immigration policies, multiple immigration pathways strive to fulfill the dreams of many aspirants. The process to get a Canadian visa is simple and mostly online, made specifically to enable the aspirants to apply for themselves. 

However, you may require professional guidance as the entire process of immigration to Canada may be intimidating, especially for the first-timers. There are many genuine Canada Immigration Consultant to guide you throughout the process. A genuine immigration consultant to Canada would ideally be expected to come good on the criteria such as:

  • Immigration license- ICCRC-certification;
  • Number of years of expertise;
  • Regional or global presence of the said consultant;
  • And, of course, a record of successful testimonials from their clients.

 Most Canada Immigration Consultant offers a standard support package that includes a free assessment, pre-screening, documentation assistance, review on rejections and appeal guidance, training for embassy interview, post-landing services. Make sure to avail of all the benefits by contacting a genuine Canada Immigration Consultant

To know if you have landed on a fake website or a scam, keep the following in mind:

  • If asked to pay to access application form and guides.
  • Makes too good to be true immigration deals, promises or guarantees entry into Canada or faster processing of your application.
  • Asked to provide personal information, financial information or make a deposit even before you start your application process.

While applying for a Canadian visa all by oneself is possible, getting professional help from genuine immigration consultants will save time by avoiding rejections & eventually be more cost-effective.

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