Over the years, Canada has become the most preferred destination for overseas immigrants to improve their economic and social well-being. The free and liberal immigration policies provide easy access to skilled foreign workers, business individuals to settle permanently in Canada. 

The federal government has also come to an understanding that their economy and aging demography are dependent on skill-based immigration. Thus, the target to admit over a million new permanent residents by the year 2022 seems a near possibility. 

In such circumstances, the best time to start planning your immigration to Canada would be as early as possible. Since the most popular pathway for immigration to Canada is the Express Entry system, let us look at the maximum points under the Comprehensive Points System (CRS) against the required criteria: 


Age: 18 to 35 years old 12 points
Work Experience: 6 or above 15 points
Educational Qualification: PhD 25 points
Language proficiency: IELTS 28 points
Job offer in Canada 10 points
Adaptability factor (in case of a spouse) 10 points


However, it is just the ideal case. If you have started late in planning your immigration to Canada and do not have the required CRS points to qualify, you can consider your chances in one of the Provincial Nominee Programs or Quebec immigration programs

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