With the dust of recently held federal elections coming to rest, the future of Parents and Grandparents immigration programs (PGP) in 2020 will soon be certain. As of now, the number of application intakes, application process in 2020 remains to be unknown. 

Under its Population Plan 2019-22, Canada is keeping its intake target stable at about 21,000 for Parents and Grandparents immigration programs. These group of immigrants constitute only 6% of all newcomers in Canada yet hold a greater economic significance. By providing child care, they enable the parents to work extra hours, thereby contributing to the economy. 


Staying relevant in 2020

We may soon expect a revamped version of the PGP in 2020. Since the demand to sponsor will continue to exceed the number of available spots, i.e. 21,000, managing the PGP to everyone’s satisfaction will never be possible. 

The federal government can continue to promote its Super Visa that enables parents and grandparents to visit Canada multiple times for a period of up to 10 years. Moreover, encouraging greater use of the Super Visa would take the pressure off the PGP.

In view to better handle PGP in 2020, the federal government may launch a new program complimenting the existing PGP family class stream and the Super visa. 

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