If you are planning on putting forward an application for economic immigration to Canada, you will be required to register your profile in the federal Express Entry system or any relevant provincial nominee program. Fortunately, our Canada immigration services include detailed guidance on how to build your best Express Entry profile for easy immigration to Canada! 

Express Entry profiles are ranked against each other using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Each candidate is supposed to gain a minimum CRS score to expect an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the fortnightly Express Entry draw conducted by IRCC. 

A candidate is expected to come good on core human capital factors like age, work experience, language proficiency in English or French or both, education qualification. A varying degree of points is awarded to applicants depending on their profile. Here is where our team of expert consultants may guide you through to boost your CRS score. 

Additionally, IRCC awards 600 points towards your CRS score if you are successful in getting a provincial nomination from any other participating Canadian provinces. This will effectively guarantee your chances of getting a permanent residence in Canada. 


Why Choose Canada Immigration Consultant

CIC team knows how important it is to register a candidate’s strongest Express Entry profile with maximum CRS score. With more and more applications increasingly facing rejection due to lower CRS score, it’s more important than ever to rework your application by adding more point gaining factors like improving language proficiency, certification courses, gain the provincial nomination, etc. 

Express Entry system is responsible for economic immigration to Canada under three federal programs- Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skill Trades Class, Canadian Experience Class as well as few associated Canada provincial nominee programs that picks suitable candidates from the federal Express Entry pool. 

Your Canada Immigration Consultant is a one-stop solution for all that it takes to successfully immigrate to Canada. Contact us today to value your worth by beginning the process of Canada immigration.

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