Saskatchewan, “The Bread Basket of Canada” is the only province without natural borders and is bordered by Alberta on the north and by Montana & North Dakota to the south. The province’s population was an estimated 11 lakhs as of late 2017 and the province is still taking in immigrants under its several immigration programs. Saskatchewan has several reasons & benefits which would make it an ideal place for immigrants allowing them to immigrate to Saskatchewan.

How to Immigrate to Saskatchewan?Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program: –

An individual can migrate under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program also known as the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program in two ways.

1. The applicant can directly apply to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program by sending an Expression of Interest (EOI) after which the applicant will be assessed and if nominated the applicant should create an Express Entry Profile. Receiving a provincial nominee certificate can help an applicant gain 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System which is quite mandatory.

2. The second option would be to create an Express Entry Profile in the beginning and each province will look into your profile and check with their criteria. Once when you receive a provincial nominee certificate from Saskatchewan you will be granted 600 CRS points, after which you will receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency.

The categories under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program are listed below:

– International Skilled Worker Category
– Saskatchewan Experience Category
– Entrepreneur & Farm Category

The International Skilled Worker Category: –

The International Skilled Worker Category under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program allows individuals who are well qualified to work & live in Saskatchewan. The applicants will be assessed on basic factors like education, skilled work experience, language skills and their ability to adapt. The subcategories under International Skilled Worker are:
– Employment Offer Sub-Category
– Occupations in Demand Sub-Category
– Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Category

The Saskatchewan Experience Category: –

Individuals who already live & work in Saskatchewan and intend to become a permanent resident of Canada can make use of this category. Saskatchewan Experience Category has 5 different immigration streams:
– Existing Work Permit Sub-Category
– Health Profession Sub-Category
– Hospitality Profession Sub -Category
– Long Haul Truck Driver Sub-Category
– Student Sub-Category

The Entrepreneur and Farm Category: –

The Entrepreneur and Farm Category is for individuals who have the required experience to run a farm or have a capital & business idea that could be established in the province of Saskatchewan. The divisions under this category are listed below:
– Entrepreneurs Sub-Category
– Farm Owners and Operator Sub-Category
The requirements for every single program mentioned above differ from each other considering the nature of the immigration program.

Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Saskatchewan: –

Abundant Opportunities: –

Saskatchewan is one of the Canadian provinces that has a low unemployment rate when compared. The province has a lot of startups emerging which is a sign that the unemployment rate will probably reduce more making the situations favourable to migrate to Saskatchewan.

Standard Salary: –

Stats & reports say that the salary of Saskatchewan is the third best in the country with an average weekly salary of CAD $970. Saskatchewan is a province that has shown a slow but steady growth during the past decade which makes it a reliable factor for individuals to consider Saskatchewan immigration.

The Enormous Population Growth: –

Saskatchewan is one of the provinces where population growth is quite high. Regions like Saskatoon and Regina shows almost a population growth of 4%. Saskatoon has the youngest population in entire Canada. The average age of people in Saskatoon is approximately 34 while the median is 40 in Canada.

The Immigration Stats: –

Saskatchewan on an average has been taking in a lot of immigrants every single year from nations across the world. The reason why a lot of people immigrate to Saskatchewan is its easy to migrate immigration policies and the in-demand occupation list that attracts people.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is an ideal way for individuals who look forward to migrate to Saskatchewan. Get in touch with us to know the immigration requirements and more details on Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. We can also help you know your eligibility to migrate by performing a free eligibility assessment!