Canada’s approach to economic immigration of foreign skilled workers was given a new direction with the launch of Express Entry system in January 2015. Five years down the lane, it has known to have positively impacted the landscape of skilled immigration to Canada. 


Express Entry system processes applications for three federal immigration programs – Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades Program & the Canadian Experience Class. Few Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) also have their immigration streams linked with the Express Entry system. 


Old system caused delays

Prior to the launch of Express Entry, all the mentioned federal immigration programs were based on the first-come, the first-served approach that provided certainty to applicants. Yet it faced major shortcomings like labour-skill requirement mismatch due to delay in processing. 

With the Express Entry system in place, the wait time was reduced to six months or less. The system also gave certainty to candidates with minimum CRS points required to be eligible to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada. In 2019, the minimum CRS scores ranged from 439 to 475, thus the median score of around 459 was required by candidates to be hopeful of receiving an ITA. 

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Better integration of immigrants 

The way candidates are awarded points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is aimed at better integration of immigrants in Canada. Federal government research shows that candidates with high human capital like aged between 18-35, better education, proficiency in English or French, work experience may integrate quickly into the economy. The study also shows that having a job offer, being nominated by a province, and/or having family in Canada expedites the economic integration process.

Even international students are now awarded up to 30 additional points under the CRS. 

Although the Express Entry is a work in progress, it has caught the imagination of foreign skilled workers who aspire to migrate to Canada in search of better work opportunities & quality standard of living. Contact your Canada Immigration Consultant to get started!

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