The predominantly French-speaking province is one of the unique provinces of Canada located in the eastern part of Canada. Quebec is the second most populated province in Canada only after Ontario. When it comes to landmass, Quebec without a doubt is the largest province of Canada. The city has a unique culture & a long history which makes it unique and one of the best provinces in Canada to migrate. Get an idea of what Quebec has in store for you!

Cost of Living in Quebec: –

Cost of living is an important factor you should know before you migrate to a new place. Below listed are some of the basic costs you should know about before you migrate to Quebec.
– Accommodation costs in Quebec would vary between CAD $914 to CAD $1,511 depending on the area & the type of accommodation you choose.
– Monthly Internet costs would be somewhere around CAD $46
– A 40-inch flat screen TV would cost CAD $487 in Quebec.
– A liter of gas would cost CAD $1.17.
– A cocktail drink would cost approximately CAD $10.
– A Combo meal in a reputed fast food restaurant would cost CAD $10.
– A dozen eggs would cost CAD $3.64
– Half kg cheese would cost CAD $11.
– A bottle of red wine would cost approximately CAD $15.
** The above-listed prices may or may not differ in due course of time

Universities in Quebec: –

Universities & education play a major role in the development of a province. Quebec is a home to some of the finest universities and colleges the world has ever seen, Below-listed are some of the universities & colleges in Quebec.
– McGill University
– Concordia University
– Bishop’s University
– HEC Montreal
– The Laval University
– Sherbrooke University
– The University of Montreal & more.,

Quebec Immigration: –

The province of Quebec stands apart from Canada and has its own set of migration rules which means the province decides who is eligible or not eligible to migrate to Quebec. The procedures to migrate to Quebec slightly differs from the procedures to migrate to other provinces.
– The candidate must apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate to the Quebec Government.
– Once the application is received, the candidate should then apply to the IRCC to become a permanent resident of Canada.
– The applicant will be selected based on his/her age, education, occupation, language skills etc.,
– The candidate before applying should thoroughly understand the procedures and requirements to apply for a Canadian permanent residence.

Interesting Facts & Figures You Should Know About Quebec: –

– As of 2017, the population of Quebec is approximately 8.4 million.
– The largest city in Quebec is Montreal
– The capital of Quebec is the Quebec City.
– Quebec City is one of the places listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.
– Some of the most important festivals celebrated in Quebec are Bonhomme Carnaval, Montreal Jazz Festival, just for Laughs Festival.
– About 80% of the people living in Quebec have French as their mother tongue and French is the language that should be used on signs and food service employees should always greet their customers in French.
– The province of Quebec has its own food cuisine and is a place where you could have some of the best dishes in our lifetime.
– The legal drinking age in the province of Canada is 19 while in Quebec it’s 18 which is one reason why Montreal is considered a party city.
– Quebec has over hundreds of breweries, responsible for producing more flavourful and a stronger beer (and creative).
– Almost 60% of Montreal residents speak both English & French making Montreal a bilingual city.
Quebec is one of the best provinces in Canada which allows its residents to balance their life in every single aspect which is why you should definitely consider migrating to Quebec. Get in touch with our team of immigration experts to know more about Quebec and get a free eligibility assessment and know whether you are eligible to migrate to Quebec!