Quebec’s Immigration Ministry replaced the previous list with a new area of training list which applied to all eligible applications submitted before or after November 01, 2019.

Quebec revises the list periodically to reflect its economic and employment needs. The province’s most popular immigration pathway, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) uses the Area of Training list as one of the 10 factors to award points to issue the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). QSWP is for those foreign skilled workers who wish to permanently settle in the province.

The applicant must score enough points under the Quebec Immigration selection criteria to get a CSQ. Area of Training factor can fetch you up to 12 points. If the applicant is single or unmarried, at least 50 points are required whereas minimum 59 points are required for an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner.

In order to get points under Area of Training, the applicant must have earned a diploma or degree in areas that meet the province’s labour requirements. The document has five sections (A to E) and section-A is considered to the most in-demand area. The below table determines the points value assigned to five sections of the list. 


Areas of Training Points
Section A of the areas 12 points
Section B of the areas 9 points
Section C of the areas 6 points
Section D of the areas 2 points
Section E of the areas 0 points


Eligible candidates with a valid CSQ may only apply for permanent residence in Quebec. Contact us to begin your Canada immigration!

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