What is Arrima? 

Arrima is the Expression of Interest (EOI) system that was launched in September 2018. It manages the pool of candidates who have shown their interest in Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Arrima works very much similar to the federal Express Entry system. It is a dedicated online portal for submitting your EOI for immigration to Quebec under the Skilled Worker Program.  

Four draws have been held since the launch of Arrima in September 2018 –  

Date of Invitations Total invites issues
September 04, 2019 32
August 19, 2019 444
July 17, 2019 259
July 4, 2019 691

With the results of the latest September 04 draw being announced, a total of 1,426 eligible candidates have been invited by Quebec through Arrima. 

How does Arrima works?

Arrima replaced the previous first-come-first-served approach to accepting applications to the 

Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Arrima is based on an EOI involving the following steps:

Step 1: Filling up EOI form on Arrima portal: EOI is only a system to notify the province that you would like to be considered for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). A CSQ allows a candidate to apply for permanent residence in Quebec. The validity of your EOI is 12 months. 

Step 2: Review by the Ministry: Invitations are issued to eligible candidates based on the current labour needs. You may be required to pay the associated fees. 

Step 3: Evaluation stage: Assessment of your profile– and that of your spouse, if applicable – is based on certain criteria that includes: 

  • Age
  • Language proficiency, especially knowledge in French
  • Relevant Work experience
  • Job Offer in Quebec
  • Education qualifications 
  • Proof of financial self-sufficiency  
  • Accommodation status in Quebec 
  • Relationship with a Quebec PR holder or a Canadian citizen  

Make sure to contact us for any help in registering your EOI on Arrima portal and knowing your best chance of immigration to Quebec.

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