The Prince Edward Island is one of the Canadian provinces which is also one of the three maritime provinces. PEI is the smallest province in both area & population when compared with the other provinces of Canada. As of the census taken during the year 2016, Prince Edward Island had around 142,000 residents living. The province is fondly called as the “Garden of the Gulf” and the economy completely relies on farming, producing around 25% of Canada’s potatoes.

The province has more than this to be known and has solidified reasons as to why you should migrate to Prince Edward Island. Before we get down to the reasons, let’s have a brief look on how you can migrate to Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

The Prince Edward Island PNP is a type of immigration program that allows the province to target individuals who have the required set of skills and talent who could contribute significantly to the growth of the PEI economy. The Prince Edward Island

Provincial Nominee Program has two major categories:

– Business Impact
– Labour Impact
– Express Entry

The Business Impact Category: –

The Business Impact Category is for individuals who wish to invest in the PEI economy and actively manage a business in the same. The three streams available under this category are listed below:
– 100% Ownership Stream
– Partial Ownership Stream
– Work Permit Stream

The Labour Impact Category: –

The Labour Impact Category is for individuals who possess the required set of skills, education & experience required for that particular job. An individual can work & settle in Prince Edward Island but cannot own a business under this category. The categories available under this immigration program are being listed below:

– Skilled Worker Stream
– Critical Worker Stream

Prince Edward Island Express Entry: –

The province sends a notification of interest to individuals who seem to match the criteria specified. Applicants will usually be selected from the Canadian express Entry System. Receiving a provincial nominee certificate from a province could help gain the applicant 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System which is more than enough for an applicant to be selected under the Express Entry System.

The eligibility requirements to migrate under these categories differs from each other considering the nature of the immigration program.

Reasons You Should Migrate to Prince Edward Island: –

1. The Relaxed Pace of Life: Prince Edward Island gives its residents the peace & harmony one should have allowing them to have the perfect rhythm of a balanced life.
2. Education: The province has some of the finest universities the world has ever seen. The University of Prince Edward Island, The Holland College are some of the examples.
3. The Beautiful Scenery: The Prince Edward Island is packed with scenic beauty all around. The island has lots of places to visit that has the charm to attract visitors every single day. The Brackley Beach and Cavendish Beach are known to be stormed by visitors.
4. Golf Courses: This is the place you should definitely be if you are a person who loves to golf. The island has a lot of golf courses spread wide & green which could be made use of!
5. Excellent Culinary: The people of the province have some excellent culinary skills. A great variety of dishes are prepared from lobsters, oysters, mussels etc., The province is known for its fresh potatoes that constitute 25% of total Canada’s potatoes.
6. Great Recreational Activities: Prince Edward Island has an immense number of recreational activities that can be enjoyed along with your family. Activities like Cycling, Deep Sea Fishing, Paddling, Harness Racing are some of the best activities that one could indulge themselves in Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island is one of the provinces in Canada that offers a quicker immigration process for skilled & qualified foreign nationals. Before you immigrate, it is essential that you make sure whether you are eligible to migrate to Prince Edward Island under one of the above-mentioned programs. Maybe, we can help you with the eligibility assessment process and the steps that come behind it. Get in touch with our team of immigration experts to get a free eligibility assessment!