What is a PNP?

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) allow the Canadian provinces and territories to nominate and recommend candidates for Canada immigration.
Each province has its own Provincial Nominee Program with certain eligibility constraints which have to be met by the candidates. The candidates who are qualified get an additional 600 CRS points and Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the province to immigrate through the Provincial Nominee Program.
To apply for PNP, you should create your profile in the express entry pool and also in all the provincial sites of Canada.

PNP finder

PNP finder helps you find the Provincial Nominee Program status and all the PNPs which are presently active. The PNP finder keeps the status updated so that the person visiting and using the site will be able to know the current changes and happenings in the PNPs.
Find the different Provincial Nominee Programs by clicking the button below, which are best suited for your overall qualification!