The second smallest province of Canada, Nova Scotia, also known as the Ocean Playground is one of the three maritime provinces of Canada. It is also one of the four provinces that form the Atlantic Canada and has Halifax as its provincial capital. The province is surrounded by water on all sides and has a climate that is completely continental. Nova Scotia has its own reasons why you should consider migrating to Nova Scotia among the ten Canadian provinces.

Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Nova Scotia

1. Great Universities & Colleges: –

Nova Scotia has some of the best universities which offer quality graduate, doctorate and other programs to international students who wish to study abroad. Some of the renowned universities in Nova Scotia are being listed below:
Dalhousie University: Dalhousie university situated in Nova Scotia is a public research university with four campuses. Three in Halifax and the fourth one in Bible Hill.
Saint Mary’s University: Located in Halifax, Saint Mary’s University has some of best business & chemistry programs. As of October 2016, there were a total of 6,373 enrolments.
Mount Saint Vincent University: The primarily undergraduate university located in Halifax is also referred to as The Mount and was established in the year 1873.
Above-mentioned are some of the best universities in Nova Scotia.

2. Quite Affordable Living: –

Nova Scotia is one of the best & affordable places to live in Canada with some of the best accommodation deals you can get when you move in together with a couple of people. Some of the basic living costs in Nova Scotia are being listed below:
– Furnished accommodation in an expensive area would cost somewhere between CAD $1,238 to CAD $1,776.
– Internet costs in Nova Scotia would approximately cost CAD $53.
– The hourly rate for lending a hand in cleaning would cost CAD $20.
– A pair of sports shoes would cost CAD $121 while a pair a men’s leather business shoes would cost CAD $140.
– A standard men’s haircut would cost CAD $20.
– A dozen eggs would cost CAD $3.55
– 500 grams of local cheese would cost you CAD $9.
– Monthly public transport would cost CAD $79 (may or may not differ).

3. Halifax Houses Some of Best Restaurants: –

Now, who wouldn’t want to treat themselves with some delicious & unforgettable dishes? Halifax has with it some of the best restaurants in the world with most of the dishes made up of fresh meat & fish giving the dishes an irresistible taste!

4. A Great Place to Start a New Business: –

If you are an experienced entrepreneur or a business manager who is looking out to start off with a new business, then Nova Scotia is definitely the place for you! The Nova Scotian Government offers individuals loans and business grants creating an environment where business owners can thrive successfully.
Nova Scotia is an International Hub: –
Nova Scotia is a port city which obviously means it is an international hub. The economy of Nova Scotia is a constantly growing one and its capital city Halifax attract new residents & visitors from all parts of the world and yes, you get to have some worldly experience by immigrating to Nova Scotia!

A Beautiful Place to Live & Reside: –

Filled with beautiful small towns & heritage sites, national parks and not to mention the beaches, Nova Scotia is an ideal place if you are a peace & harmony type of person with some of the most polite people on this Earth. There’s no lack of entertainment because the talented local music bands will keep you engaged 24×7.

How to Immigrate to Nova Scotia?

To immigrate to Nova Scotia, you will have to know what the Nova Scotia Nominee Program is. Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee program targets individuals who have the skills & the potential to contribute to the growth of the economy and issues them a Provincial Nominee Certificate. To immigrate,
– You have to apply to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program by looking into the different streams the Nova Scotia government offers and choose the one that’s suitable for you.
– The Nova Scotian Government looks into your application and assesses your profile by taking into consideration the basic factors and comes up with a decision.
– Once you receive a Provincial Nominee Certificate, you have to apply for a permanent resident visa to the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) and later on obtaining the same, you get to migrate to Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia is one of the provinces you should definitely consider if you are planning to immigrate to Canada. The province can give you a standard quality of life and could keep you engaged round the year. Get in touch with us to know how to migrate to Nova Scotia and we can provide a free eligibility assessment to check your eligibility!