New Brunswick, one of the three Canadian maritime provinces is located on the Canadian east coast and is less densely populated when compared to the other maritime provinces. New Brunswick’s lands are 83% forested and has some of the world’s renowned destinations like Fundy National Park, Roosevelt Campobello International Park, Hopewell Rocks & more. The humid continental climate province has enormous forests within it. Though the province is covered with forests, it still has reasons why you should migrate to New Brunswick.

1. The Perfect Balance of Life: –

New Brunswick is one of the places where you can find the perfect balance in life. People here make sure that they exhibit hard work and also take some time off to be with their family. Most of the people here involve in leisure activities after a day of work and people get to maintain a healthy balance in life. This is one important reason why some people migrate to New Brunswick.

2. High-Class Entrepreneurs: –

Though New Brunswick’s population is low when compared to other provinces, it is fondly called the “Silicon Valley of the East” for its growth in the IT sector. New Brunswick has some of the leading IT industries.

3. The Open-Hearted Culture: –

New Brunswick province has welcomed people since ages with an open heart and they have a diverse culture as a result of which there are a lot of festivals during the summer months. The province is bilingual and stands as a proof for the multicultural province.

4. Inexpensive Real Estates & Cost of Living: –

New Brunswick is known for its inexpensive real estate and living costs. The cost of living is comparatively low when compared to some other provinces in Canada. Below are listed are some of the basic costs of apparels & groceries that are a part of daily life:
– Accommodation costs would vary between CAD $626 to CAD $1,140 depending on the type of accommodation you choose.
– A pair of business leather shoes would cost CAD $98 while a pair of running shoes would cost CAD $100.
– Enrolment for fitness club per month would cost up to CAD $39.
– A monthly travel pass would approximately cost CAD $63.
– A dozen eggs would cost CAD $10.
– A meal at an inexpensive restaurant would cost somewhere around CAD $15.
– A regular cappuccino would cost CAD $4.
– Gasoline per litre would cost CAD $1.20.
Some Interesting Facts About New Brunswick Which Would Want You to Migrate to New Brunswick: –
– One-third of the world’s French Fries come from New Brunswick. The multibillion-dollar company McCain Foods had its first branch created in 1957 in New Brunswick.
– New Brunswick is the second largest exporter of peat in the world.
– Woodstock, the first town in New Brunswick is over 150 years old.
– The University of New Brunswick is the oldest university in North America.
– New Brunswick harvests around 500,000 Christmas trees every single year.
– New Brunswick has more than 45 lighthouses.
– The Saint John River flows both backward & forward due to the low tides & high tides. This is something that you have to see by your own self to believe.

How to Immigrate to New Brunswick?

To immigrate to New Brunswick, there are a few steps you should follow:
– You should make sure that you are eligible to migrate to New Brunswick. Finding that out could be quite difficult & complex and we can take care of that.
– Once you have ensured that you can migrate to New Brunswick, you have to apply to the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program allows skilled business people and qualified skilled workers to immigrate to New Brunswick from all parts of the world.
– Once you receive a Provincial Nominee Certificate from the province you can process to apply for a Canadian permanent residence to Canada. The IRCC will assess you based on a certain selected set of factors.
– Once you receive your permanent residency acceptance, prepare yourself financially to immigrate to New Brunswick.
– Do the necessary research about the province before you are about to migrate or get in touch with us for assistance at every step.
Every single province of Canada has its own unique specialties and New Brunswick is no exception to this rule. We provide excellent immigration services accumulated by our years of experience & knowledge gained in the field. Get in touch with our team of experts to migrate to New Brunswick!