Are you a skilled worker looking for better work opportunities & settle permanently with family in a developed country? Or a student aspiring to study abroad? Or a business entrepreneur willing to start a new venture abroad? 

Now is the time to make your dreams turn into a reality with increasing immigration targets & preference given to several Canadian Cities. It shall not only improve your chances of getting a permanent residence in Canada but also expose you to the high standard of living in such cities.

Canadian cities are competing against each other to attract more immigrants, majorly due to their aging demography & low birth rate. Canada has been successful in achieving, in fact, exceeding its 2019 immigration targets to welcome nearly 341,180 or roughly 1% of the total population. 


Major Canadian cities have seen per capita intake of one percent

Having per capita immigration intake of 1% is a major milestone for any Canadian city. It is a significant means of promoting economic growth. By welcoming more and more immigrants, Canada is putting itself & its province in healthier economic situations. 

Last year, cities such as Charlottetown, Regina, and Toronto welcomed the highest number of immigrants per capita. Ottawa became the latest city to join the exclusive 1% club. 


Preferred Canadian cities in 2019

Canada posted an immigration target of welcoming 341,000 immigrants in 2019 alone. Fortunately, the country was over-exceedingly achieved the target by extending invitations to more number of immigrants than actually planned.

Here is a list of Canadian cities that were preferred by immigrants in 2019. 


Province City Newcomers
Ontario Toronto 117,720
British Columbia Vancouver 40,020
Quebec Montreal 34,620
Alberta Calgary 19,625
Alberta Edmonton 16,420
Manitoba Winnipeg 14,745
Ontario Ottawa-Gatineau 10,930
Nova Scotia Halifax 6,240
Saskatchewan Regina 6,140
Saskatchewan Saskatoon 5,865
Ontario Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo 4,585
Ontario Windsor 2,990
New Brunswick Moncton 1,915
Prince Edward Island Charlottetown 1,900
New Brunswick Fredericton 1,570
Newfoundland & Labrador St. John’s 1,290
New Brunswick Saint John 1,035


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IT-hub Toronto remains at the top, Ottawa-Gatineau is the new entrant

The capital city of Ontario province, Toronto remains to be the most preferred city by a very wide margin. It had attracted nearly 118,000 immigrants in 2019. It constituted upto 35% of Canada’s newcomer total in 2019.

Ottawa-Gatineau which forms the national capital region of Canada has become the latest addition to this exclusive club of preferred Canadian cities. Ottawa-Gatineau began admitting more economic class immigrants, saw more transition of international students into the permanent residence through Express Entry or the Ontario PNP. It enabled to achieve per capita intake of 1%.

Cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton took the top five most preferred Canadian cities by immigrants in 2019.


A new winner!

While Toronto remains to the highest recipient of foriegn skilled workers, the biggest gains in the immigration population were witnessed by Charlottetown & Regina. It led the way as the newcomer population was nearly 2.4 % of its total population. Saskatoon & Winnipeg followed up with almost 1.8 percent of its population as newcomers. 

Much has been attributed to the success of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program as well as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program in attracting large numbers of economic class immigrants.


Atlantic immigration is on the rise

Atlantic cities such as Fredericton, Halifax, and Moncton have been able to welcome larger numbers of immigrants in recent years to help promote their economic development. Such cities are known to have welcomed at least 1.2 % of their populations in newcomers last year. 


What are the options for Canadian immigration?

It is a well-documented opinion Canada is welcoming more immigrants through Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), as well as newer initiatives such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP). Canada offers over 80+ economic class immigration streams to choose from. 

The core human capital factors like age, education, work experience, language proficiency in English or French shall determine your successful immigration to Canada. 

Improving your language skills, gaining more work experience, getting a valid job offer before immigration can fetch you additional immigration points. Contact your Canadian Immigration Consultant to help you throughout the application process.

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