Manitoba is a province that is located at the heart of Canada and is often called the Keystone province. It is one of the three prairie provinces and is the fifth most populous province of Canada with an estimated population of 12 lakhs as of July 2014. The province is bordered by Saskatchewan to the west, the Ontario to the east and North Dakota & Minnesota to the south. The province offers its immigrants high employment opportunities, good affordability options and most importantly, the chance for a peaceful living in the country which makes the thought of immigrating to Ontario feasible & considerable.

How to Migrate to Manitoba?

In order to migrate to Ontario, you need to know the procedures and requirements that should be met to migrate to Canada. In case you are not aware of what has to be done, approaching a reliable immigration consultant like us could fix things for you. Manitoba is looking for people who can contribute to the positive growth of the economy and thereby improve the living standards of its residents.
The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is one of the ways where an individual can migrate to Manitoba with ease.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program: –

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is a program under which the province can nominate individuals to migrate to Manitoba and apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence. An individual who has the ability to demonstrate the necessary skills required by the government can migrate under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program and also becomes eligible to apply for a Canadian permanent resident visa.
An applicant can migrate to Manitoba under the MPNP through one of the below mentioned categories:
– Skilled Worker Immigration Stream
– Business Immigration Stream
– Modern Community Driven Immigration Initiative
To migrate under the MPNP, an applicant should meet the following conditions.
– Should possess a minimum score of 60 points out of 100 in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Assessment Grid.
– Relevant job experience for a minimum period of 2 years.
– The applicant should have taken IELTS exam and should possess a minimum score of at least 4.5
The applicant should be able to provide the following documents if he/she wants to migrate to Manitoba.
– Identity proof authorized by the government.
– Educational Certificates.
– Marriage Certificates (if married)
– Valid passport.
– Experience Certificates
– Proof of funds to settle in Manitoba.
– Medical check-up & police clearance certificate.
The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program serves as an ideal way for individuals who wish to migrate to Manitoba. An easy way to migrate is not the only thing the province offers. The province has several other reasons jotted below which state as to why you should migrate to Manitoba.

Reasons You Should Migrate to Manitoba: –

Top Class Education & Health Care Facilities: –

Manitoba is one of the Canadian provinces that has an excellent healthcare & education system. What’s more important is Manitoba has ensured a free health care and education system to all of its immigrants and proves to be an ideal place for immigrants who look forward to study and work.

A Multi-Cultured Province: –

The province has a mixture of people who speak more than 200 languages and are friendly in nature. The province has seen a rise in immigrants who come to Manitoba and settle on a permanent basis during the last decade leading a to a mixed culture of people from different parts of the world. No wonder the province has the name “Friendly Manitoba”.

Amazing Wildlife & The Northern Lights: –

Polar Bears & Beluga whales are found in a huge number in Manitoba. Polar bears are found to such an extent that Churchill, a town in Manitoba is called the “Polar Bear Capital of the World” and yes, witnessing Northern lights is one of the most beautiful sights in the world that one should experience.
Permanent Resident Visas for International Students: –
Obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residency can give an individual a huge number of benefits. International students who have graduated by undertaking a post-secondary educational program in Manitoba can apply for a Manitoba PNP immediately. It doesn’t matter whether the student has an employment offer or not.

A Beautiful Place to Live & Reside: –

Manitoba is known for some of its beautiful places that have the capability to mesmerize the person who sees it. The province has some beautiful landscapes, attractive cities, open & wide farmlands, mountains, valleys, rivers etc.,
Manitoba is definitely one of the Canadian provinces which should be considered migrating to, taking into consideration its benefits & the standard of life it offers to its residents. Looking forward to migrate to Manitoba? Our team of experts can help you out.
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