A report from Statistics Canada shows the better side of newcomers and their improved positions in the job market of Canada. The growth is attributed to the newcomers, those in Canada for five years or less, integrating well with the labor market than their predecessors. 

More immigrants are in the labor market and are employed, and their wages are also on the rise. The participation rate among foreign workers aged between 25-54 stood at 78 percent in 2018 which is the highest since the last decade. 

Several aspiring immigrants to Canada may want to keep their hopes alive as the employment rate for newcomers has improved – it was 71.3 percent in 2018 compared with 65.2 percent in 2006.

An interesting aspect that has been highlighted in the report is that Canadian employers are increasingly dependent on foreign skilled immigrants to sustain themselves. In another independent survey, it was found that more than half of native Canadians supported the increasing level of immigrants to the country. 

The report has also highlighted the efforts of federal and provincial authorities in re-innovating their immigration programs to align with the increasing labor demand. Express Entry managed by the federal government and various Canada Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) is contributing to the improved immigrant outcomes. 

Successfully applying through Express Entry and linked Canada PNP requires you to improve your score under the Comprehensive Ranking System. The score is based on human capital factors like age, education qualification, work experience, language proficiency, and more. 

The authorities are giving preference to highest-scoring immigrants, thus making a departure from the previous trend where applicants were selected so long as they met a certain points threshold, even if there were other high-scoring applicants waiting behind them. 

The report has indirectly made it clear that if now is not the right time to plan your immigration to Canada, then when is it? Contact us today to handle your Canada immigration.

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