A genuine immigration consultant can be the deciding factor between getting selected or missing your opportunity in migrating to Canada. With the Canadian government focussing more on economic immigration, it is becoming easier for foreign skilled workers to settle permanently in Canada. However, getting a permanent residence in Canada may require you to fulfil several requirements which otherwise cannot be managed without a Canada Immigration Consultant.

Here are some of the important services you can expect out of a genuine Canada Immigration Consultant: 

  • Make strategies for improving your score under the Comprehensive Ranking System  
  • A thorough review of your application to spot out mistakes that can lead to delay or rejection
  • Advice on necessary documents in required a format 
  • Prepare an accurate Express Entry profile on your behalf
  • Conduct or assist in the preparation of language proficiency tests
  • Provide regular updates on job availability in Canada suitable to your profile
  • Constantly scan for other immigration programs in Canada and apply on your behalf to improve your chances of immigration 
  • Brief you with a settlement guide to starting a new life in Canada

Take your first time towards migrating to Canada by contacting us to know your eligibility. Our team of experts will get back to you with a list of various options available to you.

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