Canada is freely open to foreign immigration for over two decades. The fact that the country allows economic class immigration in parallel with the family reunification programs speaks volumes about the ease of immigration to Canada. 


The repository of immigrants’ data shows that immigrants who arrive in Canada at a young age, with a high level of education, and strong English or French skills have a better chance of success.


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Purchasing power of immigrants has increased significantly

Statistics Canada research shows that homeownership rates among Canada-born individuals and immigrants are identical at 69% of both groups own a home. The cities like Toronto & Vancouver offers identical prices to immigrants and it is the same as that of the Canadian-born population. 


The household incomes of immigrants are nearly at the same level as those of Canadian households. The average immigrant household earns about $85,000 per year, compared with about $90,000 for Canadian households. 


This reveals that the purchasing power of immigrants in Canada has increased significantly and also overall living standards in recent times. The present generation of immigrants to Canada has completely outperformed previous generations. 


Immigrants are succeeding in Canada

Canada is expected to continue updating its economic class programs and make necessary investments in settlement and integration programs. Like $1.5 billion in funding annually by the federal government in settlement supports for newcomers. These include special initiatives to conduct language & cultural classes, improving sporting facilities to attract more women class of newcomers, find suitable jobs, etc. 


The fact that 9 million Canadians will reach retirement age within the next decade is an indicator of how significant the role of immigrants in Canada’s economy is expected to be in the upcoming years. 

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