The latest study conducted by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) has attributed the growth of entrepreneurial landscape in Canada to immigrant investors & entrepreneurs. 

The study observed that more immigrants are contributing to the Canadian economy by starting more and more businesses than their local counterparts in Canada. Such activities may include starting a new business or acquiring a business. 

Canada has witnessed a 22% increase in entrepreneurial activities from immigrants alone. With the immigrant population expected to be up to 80% by 2032, the immigrants are expected to fuel entrepreneurship in Canada over the upcoming decades.

The study also noted that although running a business seemed highly stressful, over 90% of entrepreneurs felt professionally satisfied.

Business & Investor visa to Canada

A prospective immigrant can migrate to Canada for business purposes on three categories of Canadian visa: Canada Investor Visa, Canada Business Visa, Canada Start-up Visa.  

While program-specific eligibility may vary, basic criteria like minimum income net worth, minimum years of business experience are mandatory. 

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