The exuberant plan to welcome over a million immigrants to Canada under Canada’s 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan is primarily shaped by the following factors: 


  • Canada’s ageing demographics
  • Canada’s immigration policy goals
  • Canada’s integration capacity
  • Canada’s processing capacity
  • Externality issue
  • Canadian politics


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Canada’s ageing demographics

The rising immigration levels are co-related to Canada’s stable economy even during the 2019 global slowdown. Welcoming immigrants to Canada has become an economic necessity due to the country’s ageing demography. 


Canada has one of the world’s oldest populations and one of the world’s lowest birth rates. As a consequence of it, Canada targets more foreign skilled immigrants to support the present demographic and promote labour force growth. 


Canada’s immigration policy goals

Canadian policy is not only centered around economic immigration but also encourages family reunification. It is estimated that Canada welcomes some 40% of its immigrants under the family class each year. Over 80+ economic immigration programs and various family reunification immigration programs have provided an easy pathway for aspiring immigrants to Canada. 


Canada’s integration capacity

The federal government ensures that sufficient resources are in place for newcomers such as adequate immigrant settlement supports (e.g., language and job training), affordable housing, health care services, and public transportation that can help to support a larger population. 


Apart from this, the government is also working to reduce gender representations in sporting by encouraging and setting up training camps for women immigrants. 


Canada’s processing capacity

Canada has improved its processing capacity in recent years by implementing the Express Entry application management system for three federal immigration programs and several Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). 


Overcame Externality shock

2019 was a dull phase for the global economy in general. Yet it soared high through the externality shock on the account of increased skilled immigration in Canada. 


Canada has been framing its economic class policies to be sure that there is enough global demand from potential immigrants who want to move to the country. Several provinces in Canada offer excellent work & life opportunities for newcomers. 


Canadian Politics

At the end of the day, the level of immigration chosen by the government is always and anyways a political decision. The government of the day mainly chooses immigration levels based on how it feels the decision may impact them coming election time.


The current federal government is justifying its plans to increase immigration levels more rapidly, given the country’s low unemployment rate at the moment. 

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