Canadians have given their verdict and reinstated their trust on the incumbent Liberal Party at the recently held federal elections. However, the Liberals led by Mr. Justin Trudeau will only form a minority government with likely support from the left-leaning NDP and others.

On this occasion, let us look at the pre-poll promises and changes made by the ruling party to favour easy immigration to Canada.

The Liberals are planning for a responsible increase in immigration levels to 350,000 permanent residents by 2021 and more so to 450,000 annually in the upcoming years.

A new idea of introducing a Municipal Nominee Program has been proposed before the elections. Here smaller cities and towns in  Canada will be devolved powers to choose and invite foreign immigrants to Canada. If realised, immigration to Canada is expected to become easier.

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Atlantic Immigration Program including the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island may become permanent. On the other hand, pre-poll promises also included the reduction of cost of applying for Canadian citizenship for permanent residents to zero.

For aspirants looking to study abroad, expansion of Student Direct Stream to include more source countries may be a near possibility under the new government.

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