There are over 80 options available for immigration to Canada. Find out which suits you the most & lead a peaceful life in Canada! 


Express Entry & Provincial Nominee Program

Express Entry is the most popular pathway for economic immigration of skilled foreign workers to Canada. It is an online system which connects the eligible applicants with three federal immigration programs – Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skill Trades Program, Canada Experience Class. 

Each registered applicant is awarded core points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on criteria like age, education, skilled work experience and proficiency in English or French. The overall score determines their rank in the registered pool of Express Entry candidates.

Canadian provinces like Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island have their provincial nomination streams linked with the federal Express Entry system. The main advantage of having such immigration options is that candidates with low CRS score can also qualify for permanent residence in Canada. 

While a provincial nomination is not necessary for registering under Express Entry, a successful nomination may fetch you an additional 600 points towards your CRS score which will eventually guarantee your permanent residence in Canada. 


Quebec Immigration 

Quebec is a french-dominated Canadian province that runs its own immigration programs within the framework of the federal government. With the Quebec government increasing its immigration intakes for the upcoming years, applying for permanent residence in Quebec is yielding. 


Business & Investor Immigration

With the latest study attributing the growth of the entrepreneurial landscape in Canada to the increasing immigrant population, it is the right to build your entrepreneurial pathway to success in the country. Financial management, Sales and marketing, Human resources management, Operations management, Strategic planning are some of the key skills which have contributed to the growth of entrepreneurial activities among the immigrants in Canada.  

Canada offers viable business opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs through Canada Investor Visa, Canada Business Visa, Canada Start-up Visa.  


Spouse & Family Visa

Canada is one such which has liberal laws on family immigration. Spouse & family members of any skilled foreign worker can accompany them to settle in Canada permanently. There are various categories under which family immigration to Canada is possible- Canada Family Visa, Canada Spouse Visa, Canada Family Sponsor Visa, Canada Super Visa, Canada Dependent Visa

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