The world is witnessing one of the most uncertain times in human history. However, it is also evident from the response of major countries that we shall collectively overcome the crisis in the near future. Say, for instance, Canada did not transfer the impact of COVID-19 pandemic to its immigration levels. In fact, it went ahead to announce the 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan that would invite slightly more number of immigrants than ever before. 


Wouldn’t you wish to utilize this time to plan out your future immigration to Canada? 


Choose Paid Service Over Free Consultation

Obviously, you would uproar arguing the need for a professional, paid Canada immigration consultant to do something that can be done for free.  


However, a free service will never give you a personally tailored strategy based on an in-depth analysis of your particular case. You may get a generic evaluation for free but will never get full-time support and guidance throughout the entire application process from a free service. 


You could absolutely apply for a Canadian visa on your own, but then you won’t be able to optimize your Canada visa application by using a company that has an incredible success rate. 


How can we help you with moving to Canada?

There may be ample reasons to move to Canada and there are various visa categories under which you can immigrate. The most common option for immigration to Canada is for permanent residence under economic class programs like Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, etc.  


Here is where the role of a paid immigration consultant comes into play. Our Eligibility Evaluation based on information such as your age, nationality, education qualifications, work experience, ability to settle in Canada, language ability etc. shall determine whether you are eligible to study in, work in travel or move to Canada. 


We will be in the position to tell you from 80+ immigration programs which visa options you qualify for and which will be best suited to your specific needs and circumstances.


Further, we provide assistance in boosting your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points through IELTS training for improving language proficiency, etc. 


Top 3 reasons why you won’t regret using a paid service to apply for your visa to Canada.

Applying for a Canadian visa application on your own to move to Canada is definitely possible but risky if you don’t have experience in how to navigate the Canadian immigration system and website. Here are some of the top 3 reasons why you won’t regret using a paid service to apply for your visa to Canada.


  1. Get an in-depth evaluation of your Immigration/Visa Profile

Unlike free eligibility evaluations & assessment, paid evaluations are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. You will also receive a detailed CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score to show you which areas could use improving including English or French proficiency, work skills up-gradation, etc.  


  1. No Immigration Scam or Fraud

As the number of immigration companies increases to meet the needs of the current Canadian Labour market, the influx of fraudulent immigration companies has shown equal growth. The easiest way to check whether the immigration company is genuine is by entering the RCIC’s registration number onto the ICCRC website. 


  1. Increase your chances of success

Although the Canadian government treats all cases with the same level of urgency and professionalism, it cannot be argued that your chances of success are improved simply by using a paid immigration service. 


However, experienced consultants know their way around the Canadian Immigration service and will reduce uncertainty as to whether you have made the most informed choice or whether you have completed your submission correctly. 


Why risk your application to immigrate to Canada when we are guaranteeing the assured success of approval to move to Canada? Our pre-immigration & post-immigration services will guarantee your peaceful immigration to Canada. 

Contact your Canada Immigration Consultant to connect to you the best immigration consultant for your successful immigration to Canada.

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