Canada Spouse Visa

Settling along with family in Canada could bring forth an individual to an ever-lasting high living standard of life. As we already know, the Canadian government offers a lot of immigration programs for people around the world to choose what works for them and migrate under the same. The government has also immigration programs that allow individuals to bring their families which includes parents, grandparents, children & more. Let’s look at what a Canadian Spouse Visa is and what are its requirements.

What is a Canadian Spouse Visa?

The Spousal Sponsorship Program is a sub-category program coming under the Family Sponsorship Program, allowing permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their spouse for a Canadian permanent resident visa. Before sponsoring a spouse, a sponsor should ensure whether they are authorized by the IRCC to do the same.

Eligibility Criteria to be Met to Become a Sponsor: –

To be a sponsor, an individual should meet the following criteria requirements:

1. The individual should be aged 18 or above.
2. He/she must be a permanent resident of Canada.
3. The individual should be able to demonstrate that they have the capability to provide the sponsored person his/her basic needs.
4. If the individual is from Quebec, he/she should make sure that they fulfill the Quebec Immigration Policies for Spousal Sponsorship.
5. The individual and the sponsored person should intend to live together in Canada.
6. The sponsored person’s relationship with the sponsor should be either a spouse or a Common-law Partner or a Conjugal Partner.

Canada Spouse Visa Requirements: –

1. The applicant should provide a marriage certificate if you were married in Canada.
2. If the applicant is married outside Canada, he/she should provide a valid marriage certificate from that state or country.
3. The applicant should sign an undertaking promising that the basic needs of the sponsored person will be taken care of by him/her.

Types of Sponsorship Program: –

1. Outland Sponsorship

If the person who is being sponsored resides outside Canada, then it is called as Outland Sponsorship. Outland Sponsorship applications are usually processed at the visa office nearest to the applicant in the home country, not to mention that the sponsored person can also be in Canada and apply an Outland Sponsorship application.

2. Inland Sponsorship: –

An individual who is already in Canada as a visitor or a student can also be sponsored under the Spousal Sponsorship program and this is called as Inland Sponsorship. An individual who is sponsored for Canada Investor Visa becomes eligible to apply for an open work permit which allows him/her to work in Canada.
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