It is well-established that getting a work permit in Canada is easier and the processing time is faster than getting a permanent residence in Canada. However, there are obvious differences as well as advantages of holding a Canadian Permanent Residence status over a work permit in Canada. 

Allowed to easily switch between jobs 

A work visa to Canada is temporary and its holders are bound to remain in the same job/employer under which a work visa was obtained. On the contrary, a Canadian permanent residence can work with any employer.

Avail free education benefits

While a work permit holder pays 2.5 times more for their children’s education fees, a permanent resident may avail free education up to senior secondary. 

Get free healthcare

Free medical health care is available for permanent residents of Canada and the same cannot be availed by a work permit holder.

Unemployment & social insurance

Unemployment Insurance for 6 months is given exclusively for those Canadian permanent residence & citizens who are unable to find new employment after leaving their last job.

Obtain Permanent Residence in Canada

Getting a Permanent Residence in Canada is easy as applicants do not require any job offer, unlike work permit requirements. However, expertise in any one of the jobs under the Occupation in-demand list is mandatory to be eligible for Canada PR. IRCC issues permanent residence to eligible applicants under the Express Entry –  Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trade Program, and Canada Experience Class. Some streams under Provincial Nominee Programs also allow permanent economic immigration to Canada. 

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada permanently, make the best use of this opportunity to contact us to begin your free immigration assessment.

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