Time and again Canada has proved to be the most immigration friendly country with its liberal intakes & various economic immigration pathways. Other immigration friendly countries include Australia which also has easier immigration laws.

How easy a process of immigration could be is determined by the human capital factor of the applicant such as age, educational qualification, work experience, language proficiency. Other factors that affect the processing time may include the number of intake target, type of immigration pathway, reputation of the country to provide work & study opportunity.

Work opportunity in Canada

According to Population target 2019-2022, Canada is aiming to issue more than a million permanent residency status to eligible applicants. Canada also saw a growth in its labor market with an addition of 111,000 jobs in the past 12 months. Due to a shortage of native workers, Canadian employers are increasingly dependent on foreign skilled talent. The provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, Quebec have emerged as the largest beneficiaries of improving the labor market.

While Australia is flourishing with the growth of the immigrant population in the country, there is limited scope as the number of intakes are relatively less than Canada. With over five Canadian provinces regularly conducting draws this year alongside the popular federal Express Entry draws to invite eligible candidates to apply for a provincial nomination, the chances of immigrating to Canada is definitely brighter than any other country. 

If immigration for work or study abroad is on your mind, choose Canada as your dream destination with the help of Canada Immigration Consultant.

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