Today, Canada has more than 7.5 million globally distributed people living in the country. The huge immigrant population Canada has now are the results of the vast benefits immigrants enjoy and the flexible & feasible immigration programs the Canadian Government offers. One of the notable immigration options the Canadian government offers is the Canadian Investor Visa which helps in developing the Canadian economy and making it a better place for immigrants to live.

What is Canada Investor Visa?

Canada Investor Visa or the Immigrant Investor Program is for individuals who wish to invest in the Canadian economy of Canada and has the potential to bring a positive change in the same. Canada Investor Visa exists to be an ideal way for immigrants who wish to reside & settle in the Canadian Province.

Requirements to Migrate Under Canada Investor Visa: –

An individual who wishes to migrate under the Canada Investor Visa should
1. Be willing to invest CAD $800,000 which will be returned after a period of five years with no interest.
2. The applicant should have a net worth of a minimum of CAD $1,600,000.
3. They should have the ability & the potential to become economically established in Canada.
4. The applicant should show proof of his/her business or managerial experience which is quite mandatory to immigrate under the Canada Investor Visa.

What Will Happen to the $ 800,000 Investment?

The Canadian Government makes use of the investment in a positive way by dividing the investment into provinces and territories. Not to worry, your investment will be returned to you after a period of five years without any interest making it a risk-free investment which one should really consider.

Things You Should Know: –

1. Once you receive the application from the government you should make your investment within 30 days. You should make sure that you make the payment within the specified date to avoid dismay & confusion.
2. On receiving the Canadian Investor Visa, you will be eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship provided you meet the requirements. The Canadian Government recognizes dual citizenship which means you can carry your former nationality along with you.
3. Canada Investor Visa provides you the opportunity to migrate to Canada along with your family.
4. In case, you change your mind and you do not want to immigrate to Canada after making the investment, you should immediately contact the visa office where you applied. Your investment will be returned within 90 days.

Major Benefits of Migrating to Canada: –

1. Immigrants play a major role in the development of the Canadian economy. Entrepreneurs & Skilled Workers are greeted warmly by the Canadian Residents not only because of they are immigrants but also the Canadian people are warm-hearted & kind.
2. Canada is the second largest country in the world and it has an abundant amount of natural resources within it giving an enormous amount of opportunities.
3. Gaining a Canadian Passport allows you to travel to a lot of countries without a visa (Visa-Free Travel).
4. You get to use the Canadian financial & banking systems use it for further expansion of your business worldwide.
5. Apart from the above a lot of benefits like healthcare, free education, maternity & parental leave, child tax benefits, old age security & more can be availed by the immigrants.
Canada would be an ideal place to reside & settle because one could embrace the peace & harmony that co-exists in the country. Also, it is a place where one could discover ample opportunities and possibilities to prosper and flourish in one’s life.
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