The Canadian provinces like British Columbia & Ontario are tackling the shortages in the technology sector labor market by stepping-up its economic immigration programs. 


The extension of the Tech Pilot program under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) to June 2020, and the nomination draws especially for candidates with Tech experience by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is exciting news for aspiring immigrants to Canada. 


The Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver continues to be the epi-center of rising Tech jobs & welcoming foreign skilled workers to Canada. For 2020, the average annual salary is an estimated $81,750 while the lowest in this field can earn an average salary of $55,000.


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Tech jobs in 2020

While the job positions in Canada for Tech workers are plenty, the shortage of skilled laborers is a cause of worry for several local employers. You can grab this opportunity by exploring your choice of Tech job opportunity in Canada. 


Developers & Programmers IT  Project Manager
Quality Assurance Analyst Data Analyst
IT Business Analyst Senior Software Engineer
Network Administrator Technical Support Specialist


Developers and Programmers

Full-stack developers with knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, and .NET. are in huge demand in Canada. 


IT Project Manager

The position of IT Project Manager has been in demand in recent years. Employers are looking for skills specifically PMP, PMI or Agile Certified professionals.


Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality assurance analysts ensure the software is user-friendly and bug-free. The position is expected to be in high demand, especially for foreign skilled workers. 


Data Analyst

Demand for Data Analysts, especially for foreign skilled workers, is expected to grow as businesses increasingly rely on data.


IT Business Analyst

Analysts who specialize in tech and software analysis will be in especially high demand this year. Their role is to shape and optimize business systems and software to make them operate effectively.


Senior Software Engineer

The Canadian employers are looking for experienced candidates rather than hiring and developing their own junior and intermediate software engineers for this role. Naturally, foreign skilled workers get an edge over the locals. 


Network Administrator

Network administrators oversee their employer’s IT network and setup, manage servers and network equipment. With the growth of the IT sector in Canada, the demand for this job will always be high. 


Technical Support Specialist

Tech-savvy workers with skills in customer support are expected to be in high demand this year. As the use of technology is becoming the way of life, the need for professionals who can provide assistance and support to businesses and customers are in huge demand. 

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