The Canadian Express Entry System has been making great strides and bringing in numbers since the day it was launched (1st January of 2015). Canada is a predominantly French-speaking North-American country which focuses on the country’s economic development and the welfare of the people. The country has been on the lookout for professionals and skilled people to help contribute to the growth of the Canadian Economy, eventually leading to the existence of Canada Express Entry System.

What is Canada Express Entry System?

One important highlight of the Canadian Immigration System is, Canada takes in people who have the potential skills to contribute to the economy along with their family which makes it one of the best immigration option for people around the globe.
The IRCC has come up with a new way of processing the applications that comes under Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. Canada Express Entry System allows an individual who possess high skills & work experience to migrate through a fast-track immigration system. You could expect your application to be processed under 6 months when applied through the Canada Express Entry System.

How Does This Work?

1.Information Gathering: –

Migrating under the Canada Express Entry System requires you to fill our online assessment form by which we get to know under what category you might be eligible to migrate to Canada. Once we have found that you are a candidate who is efficient enough to contribute to the growth of the Canadian Economy, we will get back to you explaining the further procedures. (In case you are not eligible, we will guide & assist you with possible alternatives).

2.Profile Creation: –

Once we are done with collecting information and taking a wise decision as to which category you will be eligible to migrate under, we start collecting your documents which also includes your Educational Credential Assessment Report. When all the necessary documents have been collected, a profile is created in the Express Entry Pool through which you get your Invitation to Apply (ITA). The time duration of obtaining an Invitation to Apply depends on several factors like how well you score, the CRS cut-off for that particular intake & more., Scoring a high CRS score might be a lot beneficial for you when it comes to the application filtering process.

3.Visa Submission: –

On receiving the Invitation to Apply, you will be given exactly 90 days to apply for Visa processing. Remember that you should apply before the 90th day comes to an end. An additional document attachment like Police Clearance Certificate, Medical Clearance Certificate should be submitted in the due course. You might also have to attend an interview in case there is a need.

4.The Final Process: –

Once you get your visa, check for the dates from when you are eligible to migrate and other necessary information regarding your immigration will be provided along. Not to worry, we take care of everything including you pre and post-departure services and explain how things work behind.

On What Factors Will You Be Assessed?

When migrating to Canada under the Express Entry System or any other system, you will be assessed on the following factors:

  • Education: You will get a maximum of 25 points for education if you have attained the maximum level of qualification (Ph.D.)
  • Language: You will be awarded a maximum of 24 points if you are proficient in both the official languages of Canada.
  • Experience: A maximum of 15 points can be gained if you have a considerable work experience either part-time or full-time.
  • Age: You can gain a maximum of 12 points depending on your age.
  • Employment: If you already have an employment offer in your hand, you will be eligible to get a maximum of 10 points.
  • Adaptability: You can gain a maximum of 10 points depending upon your Spouse’s education, relatives residing in Canada and previous work experience in Canada will be considered.

The Canada Express Entry System takes in a lot of immigrants and the count gets increased every single year. In fact, the Canadian government is looking forward to bring in 1 million immigrants in the upcoming years to contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy.

Migrate with us to Canada through the Express Entry System by contacting us to get a free eligibility check!