The official stats for the third quarter of 2019 reveals that immigration helped drive record population growth in Canada. On October 1, Statistics Canada estimated Canada’s population at 37,797,496, which is an increase of 208,234 from July 1. 

The record increase in population is mainly driven by immigrants and non-permanent residents such as temporary workers. It is estimated that 103,751 new immigrants arrived in Canada only during the third quarter of 201. The total tally for non-permanent residents is 82,438 during the same period. 

If the stats were to be believed both the permanent and temporary international migrants accounted for 83.4 % of the total Canadian population growth in the third quarter. 

The population of Canada is expected to continue to grow as a result of high immigration levels. This is possible only due to the liberal immigration policy followed by the government. Some of the prominent immigration pathways to Canada include the Express Entry system, Provincial Nominee Programs, Business & Investor immigration, and much more. 


Famous Canadian provinces to migrate

British Columbia experienced the highest population growth due to immigration. Alberta had the strongest inter provincial migratory increase in four years. Ontario, that holds the majority of tech companies in Canada continued to be in demand from inter provincial migration. 

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec which are generally the most Canadian province for migration experienced a dip in the third quarter. 

The rapid population growth is phenomenal because such a magnitude is never seen before in a single quarter. This may single out the vivid opportunities that Canada offers in order to welcome overseas skilled talents. 


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