The Canadian Experience Class is one of the immigration programs that provide an opportunity for individuals who have worked in Canada to immigrate & reside in Canada permanently. Canadian Experience Class Program makes it easy for individuals who wish to bring their families into Canada and settle down along with them.
Though the Canadian Experience Class Applications were managed on a first-come, first-serve basis, there has been a change as of how things work post-2015. All Canadian Experience Class applications are now processed under the Express Entry System.

What is Express Entry System?

Express Entry System is the process of selecting skilled workers who apply to immigrate to Canada. Applications for Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class Program, and other such programs will be processed under the Express Entry System. The applicant will have to enter the Express Entry Pool by creating a profile online prior to which the application will be processed.

Eligibility Criteria to Immigrate Under Canadian Experience Class: –

Any individual who wants to immigrate under the Canadian Experience Class Program should meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant/candidate should have a minimum of 12 months of work experience, either part-time or full-time in Canada within the last three years.
  • The applicant should have gained experience under a valid work permit and the occupation should be classified under the National Occupational Classification Skill Type O, A or B.
  • The applicant should plan on living outside Quebec and he/she should also meet the language level eligibilities for the job.

The Processing of Canadian Experience Class: –

1. Canadian Work Permit: –

Obtaining a Canadian Work Permit is the first step for an individual to immigrate under the Canadian Experience Class Program. Only on getting a work permit, an individual will be able to work in the province of Canada.

2. Gain Experience in Canada: –

The applicant should gain enough experience to immigrate under the Canadian Experience Class Program. The minimum work experience needed is usually one year.
3. Meet the Required Eligibility Criteria: –
The applicant has to make sure that he/she meets other requirements to migrate under the Canadian Experience Class Program. Other requirements would be usually undertaking language tests to prove their language proficiency.

4. Creation of an Express Entry Profile: –

Once the applicant makes sure that they meet all the eligibility criteria, he/she should create an Express Entry Profile on the IRCC website through which the application will be processed.

5. Improve Your Profile & CRS Scores: –

It is obvious that some candidates never receive an Invitation to Apply though they have been waiting for a long time. This is because the applicant does not take the initiative to improve his/her profile in the Express Entry System.
Though a candidate applying through the Canadian Experience Class need not have to include his/her education, it might vastly help the applicant in gaining an edge during the application processing time.
Including educational details might help the applicant gain up to somewhere 100 points which is definitely worth considering.

6. Invitation to Apply: –

On receiving an Invitation to Apply, the applicant can make sure that he/she is almost done with the difficult part and is left with only a few more procedures. Once the ITA has been applied the applicant only has 90 days left to apply for a visa and submit a complete application.

7. Medical & Background Checks: –

Every single applicant is checked for clean records and should undertake a medical test stating that he/she is healthy & fit. The applicant should also obtain a police clearance certificate from his/her origin country.

8. Reviewal of His/her Application: –

The candidate’s application will be reviewed by a Canadian Immigration officer to make sure if anything else is needed in addition.

9. Obtaining a Permanent Resident Status: –

Canadian Experience Class documents are usually processed within a period of 4 months. Once approved, the candidate gets a Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document (COPR).

10. Apply for a PR Card: –

Once the status has been confirmed, the applicant might then apply for a PR card. The applicant may use the PR card as a proof of his/her status in Canada when travelling to different countries.
Advantages of Canadian Experience Class: –
1. The Canadian Experience Class requires the candidate to have at least a year’s experience which is considered to be a valuable factor under the Express Entry System and will gain an edge when it comes to calculating CRS scores.
2. Canadian Experience Class applications are processed quickly because the documentation procedures are quite less when compared to other programs.
3. Applicants trying to migrate under the Canadian Experience Class need not have to show proof of settlement funds which makes it a feasible immigration program for candidates.
If you are a potential candidate already working in Canada, looking to migrate under Canadian Experience Class Program, get in touch with us right away to know more!