Canada Dependant Visa

The Canadian Government provides a lot of benefits to its immigrants which includes bringing along their family under the Canada Dependant Visa. It really doesn’t matter whether an individual is in Canada to study or work, the Canadian Dependant Visa allows them to help their dear ones migrate and stay along with them.

Eligibility Criteria to Become a Sponsor: –

To become an eligible sponsor, an individual has to meet the following requirements:
– The individual should be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident visa holder
– He/she should be aged above 18.
– The individual should reside in Canada during the time of the application.
– The sponsor should be not be accused of any convictions.

Who Can be Sponsored Under Canada Dependant Visa: –

Under the Dependant Visa for Canada, an eligible sponsor can sponsor the following persons:
– Brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter aged below 18 and do not have a spouse.
– Parent & Grandparent can be sponsored under this visa.
– Spouse, Common-law Partner, Conjugal Partner.
– A child that has been adopted outside Canada when the individual was a permanent resident or a Canadian Citizen.

Eligibility Criteria to be Sponsored Under the Canadian Dependant Visa (Children): –

A child can be sponsored under the Canadian Dependant Visa if the following conditions are met:
– The child should be aged below 22 and should not have a spouse or a common-law partner.
– The child should either be the biological child of the parent or should be the adopted child.
– The child’s dependability on the parent should be demonstrated & the same should be proved.
– Children aged above 22 years can also be sponsored and become eligible to migrate via the Canadian Dependant Visa under exceptional cases like poor mental or physical conditions which reduces their ability to finically support themselves.
– The sponsor should show relevant proof to prove the relationship with the child.
– The sponsored child has to undergo a medical examination before he/she enters Canada.
Eligibility Criteria to Sponsor a Spouse Under the Canadian Dependant Visa: –
An individual can sponsor his/her spouse under the Canadian Dependant Visa provided the following requirements are met:
– The applicant should assure the Canadian Government stating that they provide financial support to their spouse for a period of 3 years.
– The individual and the sponsored spouse should be legally married couples.
– A marriage certificate should be produced if the marriage has taken place in Canada. If anywhere outside the Canadian country, proof of the same should be provided according to the laws of the respective country.
– A common-law partner becomes eligible if they are in a relationship for more than a year.
– An individual can sponsor his/her spouse without being in Canada provided they are a Canadian citizen and should prove their intention to migrate to Canada.
– If the sponsor is a permanent resident, he/she should be within Canada to sponsor their spouse.
Immigrating to another country comes along with a lot of procedures that has to be followed with acute perfection and every requirement specified should be met within the given timeframe. Similarly sponsoring a family member to live in a foreign land requires the same amount of requirements and care to be taken.
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