The Canadian Government is quite concerned about developing the Canadian economy, providing employment opportunities for its people and helping them lead a high standard of life. The Canada Business Visa proves to be an ideal solution to bring forward a strongly developed Canadian economy in the future.

What is Canada Business Visa?

The Canada Business Visa brings in highly experienced entrepreneurs to Canada who have the potential to invest in the Canadian economy, start off with businesses in Canada and provide employment opportunities for Canadian citizens. The idea behind this visa is to bring highly skilled entrepreneurs to develop the Canadian economy.
There are three business visas under which an individual can migrate to Canada:
1. Start-up Visa Program
2. Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program
3. Self-Employed Immigrant Visa

Start-Up Visa Program: –

The Start-up Visa program is one of the Canada Business Visa categories that attracts immigrants who can start off with a business in Canada. The applicant should also be:
1. Creative & highly innovative.
2. Able to create jobs for Canadian citizens.
3. Able to complete on a global scale.
To migrate under the Start-Up visa program,
1. The applicant should have a qualifying business.
2. The applicant should have a letter of support from the organization that is willing to support.
3. The applicant should meet necessary language requirements and should possess enough money to settle in Canada before he/she could start off with their business.

Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program: –

An individual who can invest and has the skills & abilities to integrate into the Canadian economy can apply for permanent residence visa under the Immigrant Investor Capital Pilot Program. An individual willing to migrate under the IIVC program should meet the following requirements.
1. The applicant should have a personal net worth of at least CAD $10 million.
2. The applicant should be willing to make an investment amount of CAD $2 million in the IIVC fund which is not guaranteed.
3. He/she should possess sufficient language skills and should be able to demonstrate the same.
4. The applicant should possess an Educational Credential Assessment report done by a designated organization.

Things to Know About IIVC Program: –

1. The CAD $2 million investment that is made is a non-guaranteed investment which means the applicants might lose some or their entire investment amount.
2. One can request an exemption from the educational criteria provided they have a personal net worth of CAD $50 million.
3. The applicant should not apply for an IIVC program if they are intending to settle in the province of Quebec because the program is not practiced in Quebec.

Self-Employed Immigrant Visa: –

Self-Employed Immigrant Program under the Canada Business Visa allows applicants to migrate to Canada who are specialized in cultural activities, world class athletics or who wants to buy and manage a farm in Canada. The right of permanent residence fee would 490 CAD and the principal applicant fee would be 475 CAD.
The applicant should have relevant experience in the above-mentioned fields. Relevant experience means:
1. The applicant should have at least two years of participation in cultural activities or world level athletics.
2. If it is farming, the applicant should have a minimum of two years of farm management experience.
3. The applicant should score 35 points out of 100 points to become eligible to migrate under the Canada Business Visa.
Some of the qualifying professions for Self-Employed Persons are listed below:
1. Editors
2. Authors & Writers
3. Musicians & Singers
4. Actors & Comedians
5. Athletes & Coaches
6. Photographers
7. Broadcast Technicians
8. Audio & Video Recording Technicians
9. Graphic Arts Technicians
10. Craftsperson & more.,
Canada Business Visa provides opportunity for persons who possess skills in cultural activities & investors who have the capability to invest in the Canadian economy which is looked upon as one of the best immigration programs for individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada.
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