British Columbia

The westernmost province located in between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains has an approximate population value of 4.8 million as of 2017 and bores the nickname “Beautiful British Columbia”. The province has almost one million residents who have come from foreign nationals and takes in 30,000 immigrants every single year. British Columbia is known for its high quality of life its offers to its immigrants. Below, you could find the possible ways to migrate to British Columbia!

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

The British Columbia PNP program allows the British Columbian government to nominate individuals who have the skills & the potential to contribute to the growth of the province’s economy. An individual can apply for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program in either of the two ways:
1. By directly applying to the British Columbia PNP.
2. By creating an Express Entry Profile and then getting selected by the province.

Categories Under BC Provincial Nominee Program: –

– Express Entry British Columbia
– Skilled Worker Immigration
– Entrepreneur Immigration

Skilled Worker Immigration: –

Skilled Worker Immigration is one of the categories under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program and is quite the popular way to migrate to British Columbia. Below listed are the Skilled Worker Immigration Program subcategories:
– The Skilled Worker Category
– The Health Care Professional Category
– International Post-Graduate Category
– International Canadian Graduate Category
– Entry Level & Semi-Skilled Worker Category

Requirements to be Met for British Columbia Skilled Immigration: –

– An individual should possess all qualifications with regard to their occupation.
– Candidate should be able to provide sufficient proof that he/she can satisfy the minimum income requirement.
– The applicant should be of benefit to the British Columbian Economy.
– The applicant must submit a CAD $550 as a processing fee for the British Columbia PNP Skilled Immigration Applications.
– The applicant’s employment must fall in either O, A or B in the NOC.

British Columbia PNP Business/Entrepreneur Immigration: –

The Business Immigration program allows individuals to live & reside in BC as a permanent resident provided they wish to invest in the Canadian economy. The BC PNP Business Immigration section has four sub-categories in it:
– Entrepreneur Category
– Regional Entrepreneur Category
– Strategic Projects Category
– Regional Business Succession Option

Other Important Things You Should Know About the BC Provincial Nominee Programs: –

– The processing for Skilled Immigration Applications takes between 2 – 3 months whereas the processing time for Entrepreneur Immigration Application takes in between 3 – 4 months. The processing time may change if there occur any instances that could promote delay.
– The processing fee to apply for a British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program would cost CAD $550.
– The Immigration Registration System allows applicants to express an interest in the BC PNP after which the province selects the most promising candidates. The applicants will be assessed on a variety of factors.
– The BC Provincial Nominee Program is something that happens frequently. Maintaining your profile could help you score higher points and get an opportunity to be nominated.
Interesting Facts About British Columbia: –
– British Columbia is four times the size of Great Britain and has a coastal line of 27,000 kilometers.
– British Columbia produces cranberries & blueberries to a large extent which has made it grab its position as one of the top 3 producers in the world.
– British Columbia has around 400 provincial parks, three UNESCO World Heritage Sites & 6 National Parks.
– Vancouver has the highest waterfall in entire Canada. The Della Falls in Strathcona Provincial Park is eight times higher than Niagara Falls.
– The Metropolitan area of Vancouver has half of all British Columbians.
British Columbia offers its immigrants a diverse range of immigration programs to choose from. Migrating under the programs would not only make you eligible for obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residency but will also help you lead a life with excellent standards & quality packed with opportunities to rejoice around the year.
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