Canada has a progressive immigration policy and is open to thousands of eligible foreign skilled, semi-skilled workers. Since so many people are interested in Canadian immigration, there is a lot of misinformation on the issue. This forms the genesis of immigration scams.

Compromised Immigration Websites

All good-looking websites are not real. Scamster websites are notorious to steal your information and later misuse it for various purposes. Such websites appear to be ‘original’, and a near-identical copy of legitimate immigration websites.

However, following the below-given checks can alert you:

  • Look for a small lock icon on the top left corner of the address bar or next to where “https://” appears. This is a visual check of the website being secure.
  • Check the web address matches the same as the one you entered after loading. 
  • Never open any website from an unknown email address. 
  • Avoid uploading your documents or entering information on websites you don’t trust. 
  • Always prefer to visit a local immigration consultant. Alternatively, call them directly to ask for their website, if you prefer to read the information on your own.  
  • Keeping the web browser up to date will help you filter out illegitimate web pages.

This day and age of increasing social media have made companies have their official presence in all popular social media platforms. The regular & consistent presence of your chosen immigration consultant can also serve a check of genuineness.

Fake Job Offers

Fake recruitment companies will ask for large cash deposits in steps such as setting up your profile, match you with jobs, handle employment contracts and procure work permits. While they create the illusion of making progress, it is, in fact, all fake.

Securing a Canadian job offer should have a relatively low cost, aside from your time. Using the services of online job portals, even if they have a subscription fee, is a far more secure and effective way to earn a legitimate offer of employment.

Here is another check of escaping yourself from a job offer scam. Almost all Canadian job offer must also be accompanied by an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) certifying to show that the position can not be filled by a Canadian citizen. If your agency fails to attach LMIA certificate, you may be in for trouble.

How to spot an immigration scam?

Here are the top 3 ways to spot a likely immigration scam:

E-mail address from free domains

Most professional, reputed companies in today’s age own their customized web domain address and usually have their official e-mail address on the name of the company, say

You should be alarmed if you are receiving official e-mail communications from free services like Gmail or Outlook.   

Unrealistic job offers

Receiving a job offer is one of the best moments in life, however, getting a job offer without any adequate personal communication from the recruiter is a cause of concern. Things like job offer without applying or without having an interview or unrealistic salary figures are some reasons for concern. 

Also, job offers that fail to specify a proper job description is an ideal case for raising the red flag.

Missing credentials of an immigration company

A professional immigration consultant will have adequate credentials to prove its worth. Say, CanApprove boosts of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) certification for Canadian immigration, Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) certification for Australian immigration, and so on.

Always check for such credentials and alike before proceeding with such consultants.

How can Canada Immigration Consultant help you? 

Your Canada Immigration Consultant is the ideal choice to help with your Canadian immigration formalities. Our ICCRC certified consultant will be able to provide a hassle-free processing experience & expert guidance on Canadian immigration.

When you are ready, complete our free online assessment so that we can decide your eligibility and begin the process of your immigration to Canada on the right foot.

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