The foreign skilled immigrants are in huge demand in Canada. The country’s economic immigration pathways via Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs provide easy immigration to skilled workers for permanent residence in Canada. 


The government follows a point-based system which identifies eligible candidates. A score of 67 points or higher out of 100 is required for one to qualify to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Under the Canadian points system, an applicant is assessed based on the following factors:


  • Age
  • Education qualification
  • Experience
  • Language proficiency
  • Adaptability
  • Job offer in Canada


Under language skills, the applicants must take the IELTS exam & will be assessed upon listening, speaking, reading, writing. While a candidate can apply without a job offer in Canada, an individual who already has an offer from a Canadian employer can gain a maximum of 10 points. Under the adaptability factor, an eligible candidate immigrating with a spouse can get up to a maximum of 10 points. Based on our experience in immigration services, we present three possible scenarios that most of our readers may relate to.


Scenario 1: 

Age 18-35 12 points
Education qualification PhD 25 points
Work experience 6+ 15 points


Scenario 2:

Age 18-35 12 points
Education qualification Bachelors 21 points
Work experience 1 9 points


Scenario 3:

Age 45 2 points
Education qualification Masters 23 points
Work experience 6+ 15 points

For a complete guide on Canada Immigration Points system, follow the link. Contact us today to improve your score & begin your immigration process.

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