Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary have remained as the top major cities in Canada. Over 64% of Canadian immigrants choose these cities for obvious reasons that include employment opportunities, high standard of living.  

However, times are changing and the government is shifting its focus to regional and smaller cities in Canada. This is done to decongest the bigger cities as well as develop other regions of Canada.


Popular smaller Canadian cities to consider for immigration

Many smaller cities in Canada that are tabulated below have lower unemployment rates than the national average. This is an important factor that any new immigrant should take into account when deciding in which community to build their lives. 

An additional advantage for newcomers to plan their immigration to smaller cities is that such cities have less competitive labor markets, which may enable newcomers to find employment faster than in larger cities.


Ontario Hamilton
Thunder Bay
Greater Sudbury
Quebec Quebec city
British Columbia Kelowna
Saskatchewan Saskatoon
Manitoba Winnipeg
New Brunswick Moncton

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Affordable housing & Quality of life

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is about $900 in Moncton, $600 in Trois-Rivieres, $1,300 in Ottawa-Gatineau, $1,200 in Winnipeg, and $1,100 in Saskatoon. This is way lower than the average housing expenses in bigger cities like Toronto & Vancouver. 

Also settling in a smaller city offers a better quality of life in terms of shorter Commute times, several cultural and recreational activities to indulge including outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and access to beaches. 

Bottom line is, even if you earn a lower salary in these cities, your income will allow you to afford more than in Toronto and Vancouver.


Canadian Immigration programs to support smaller cities

Atlantic Immigration Pilot and Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot, followed by the much-awaited launch of the Municipal Nominee Program is to boost economic immigration to smaller Canadian cities. 

In addition to it, various provinces operate PNP streams to attract more immigrants to smaller cities. Ontario is also expected will launch a new Regional Immigration Pilot under its PNP in early 2020. 

Choose your time wisely as the year 2020 & onwards is the best phase to plan your immigration to smaller Canadian cities. Get yourself a new & brighter future in Canada by contacting your Canadian Immigration Consultant today!

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