Stats & reports say that Canada has welcomed an approximate of 1.3 million new immigrants between the years 2011 & 2016 and it is projected that during the year 2036, the immigrant population in Canada will be a percentage of 34.4!
What’s to be understood from the above mentioned is, the Canadian Immigration process is nowhere near to decreasing and the aspirations of individuals to immigrate to Canada is only on the rise. Though individuals really look forward to migrate to Canada, they do not quite know the basics which an individual wishing to migrate to Canada should know! That’s the reason we have compiled some of the most basic but immensely searched questions by an individual!

1. How Do You Know If You are Eligible to Migrate to Canada?

Well, the answer is you do not know whether you are eligible to migrate to Canada. Don’t get disappointed! Immigrating to Canada requires you or any individual to meet certain criteria and eligibility requirements as specified by the Canadian government and what’s more, every different immigration program has different eligibility requirements to be met! The basic factors on which you will be assessed on are being mentioned below:
– Age
– Educational Qualification
– Work Experience
– Language proficiency
– Adaptability Factors
– Ties to Canada & more.,
For every mentioned factor above, you will be given relevant points based on which you will be decided whether you are eligible to immigrate to Canada or not! If you want to know your eligibility, we can help get you assessed for free!

2. What are the Possible Ways to Migrate to Canada?

Just to make it easy for individuals, the Canadian government has introduced and is working on a huge number of immigration programs. Every year, thousands of people migrate to Canada through different immigration streams which they find suitable & which is adviced for them. Here are some of the commonly sought immigration programs that could be used to migrate to Canada:
– Federal Skilled Worker Program
– Canadian Experience Class
– Provincial Nominee Programs
– Quebec Skilled Worker Program
– Canadian Family Sponsorship Programs
– Business & Investor Immigration Programs
– Student Immigration Programs
To know in detail about the above-mentioned programs, reading this blog might help you!

3. What is the Permanent Resident Status in Canada?

An individual gets a permanent resident status when he/she migrates to Canada (not all individuals who migrate to Canada can get a PR status). Permanent Residents are individuals who are citizens of another country and have immigrated to Canada to study, work or for some other reasons.

4. What are the Benefits You Get on Becoming a Permanent Resident Holder?

This is the part that you definitely wouldn’t want to skip. Becoming a Canadian Citizen or a PR holder will give you a huge number of benefits than you practically can imagine. Below mentioned are some of the benefits that you cannot afford to miss!
– You get to enjoy most of the social benefits a Canadian Citizen gets which definitely includes health care coverage!
– You can pursue your wildest dreams by living, working or studying anywhere in Canada.
– You get to apply for Canadian Citizenship status provided you meet certain eligibility requirements.
– You get to sponsor your spouse and your child to migrate to Canada and stay along with you (Immigrating through Express Entry can have you add them on your initial application saving you from all the time & process later).
– Once you become a permanent resident of Canada, the PR status cannot be taken back from you unless you commit a very serious crime, or you do not meet your stay requirements in Canada.
And that’s what happens when you live in one of the happiest😊countries in the world!

5. How Long Does the Processing for a Canadian PR Visa Take?

Though this question does not have a definite answer for itself, stats & reports claim that almost 80% of the PR applications are processed within a period of six months when submitted with proper documentation. The processing time is also influenced by other factors like where you are applying from, the credibility of the information you provide, how perfect your application and the documents you provide are. So, it is important that you do everything right to witness quicker results!

6. Can I Become a Citizen of Canada?

Why not? You and every individual can become a Canadian citizen provided the stated requirements are met. Obtaining a Canadian Citizenship is the best thing that an immigrant can look forward to immigrating to Canada. The below-mentioned requirements should be if you want to apply for Canadian Citizenship:
– You should be aged at least 18 years.
– You should have lived a minimum of three years in Canada.
– You should have suitable language proficiency, no criminal records and be in good health condition.
– The most important of all, you should be a Permanent Resident Visa holder (Only after obtaining a PR Visa, an individual can apply for Canadian Citizenship).

7. Why Do You Need the Help of Immigration Consultants?

This is one of the most common questions every immigration aspirant shoots out. Immigration Consultants are people with the highest knowledge in the field. They can help you out right from filling in your application to the point of assisting you after you land in the country you wish to immigrate to which is why you should need an immigration consultant who can guide you along with the process!
Carrying out an immigration process requires a lot of things that has to be looked into with absolute accuracy and even the tiniest mistake could grab from you the opportunity to immigrate or cause long delays sabotaging your plans for your future! It is best advised that you get in touch with reliable immigration consultants if you want your immigration process to be smooth & successful.
We understand that you will be having questions to be answered other than the above mentioned. Fill out our enquiry form and ask us what you want to know, we will get back to you at the earliest!

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